End of Year Team Awards 5/26/22

Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our Icenhower Huskies by attending the end of the year awards ceremony.  Please make sure that you have a valid driver's license, and that you check-in at the office to receive a badge.  Below is the schedule for the awards ceremony.  If you would like to check your child out after the ceremony, please make sure to sign your child out at the office.  This is important for safety protocol.


Date    Location     Time Slot    Team

5/26     Library          9:00-9:45     Iditarod

5/26     Gym 1           9:00-9:45    Klondike

5/26     Cafeteria       9:00-9:45    Kodiak

5/26     Library         10:00-10:45  Yukon

5/26     Gym 1          10:00-10:45  Takotna

5/26     Cafeteria      10:00-10:45   Denali

End of the year awards ribbon