District Device Insurance

District Issued Device Updates-Optional Insurance
Optional Device Insurance-Don’t Miss Out!

Students in grades 3-12 are eligible to purchase optional device insurance to cover 1:1

devices. Enrollment began on 8/23 and will end on 9/17. With Chromebook coverage as

low as $27/year, click the links below to learn more.

Coverage Enrollment Flyer (English)

Coverage Enrollment Flyer (Spanish)

● Enrollment Website (Click here to enroll for optional insurance beginning 8/23.)

Option Insurance Coverage FAQs

Keep in mind, as stated on page 11 of the Student Device Handbook, parents/guardians

are responsible for the reasonable cost to repair or replace a 1:1 device that has been

broken, lost or stolen. Optional insurance may assist with offsetting these costs should

your student’s 1:1 device becomes broken, lost or stolen.